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Time to Downsize! Now What?

A Collection of Tips, Tricks, and Motivation to Start Your Downsizing Journey!

For many homeowners, the idea of downsizing is becoming a reality, offering a new lifestyle transition with more freedom and financial peace of mind. While this process can be overwhelming at times, it also offers a time of reflection and anticipation of new adventures.

Working from years of experience helping others downsize, I’ve compiled some suggestions that can help ease your downsizing transition:

#1 - Plan early

Give yourself enough lead time, ideally 1 year, to create a plan.

This should help reduce stress because you won’t be making decisions under pressure.

The process of downsizing is a marathon, not a sprint!

#2 - Decide where to move

How you downsize depends significantly on your new home's location, size, and setup. Think about where and how you plan to incorporate your possessions into your new environment and lifestyle.

For example, will you be in a condo facility or a ranch-style home? studio or 2 bedroom? how much storage space is available?

#3 - Set goals and timelines.

When do you want or need to move?

Work back from that date, considering the time it will take to get your home ready to sell, sort and pack your belongings, and coordinate the logistics of your move.

Remember, all progress is good progress! Not every goal needs to be a massive hurdle.

#4 - Ask for help

Cleaning out a home can be as demanding emotionally as it is physically, and it’s not meant to be a job for one.

Enlist the help of family, friends, and professionals who can offer physical and emotional support. Remember: Many hands make light work!

#5 - Decide what to keep.

Let the new space do the work for you: use its size as a guide when making decisions about what to keep!

Begin with identifying essential household items and the furniture you will need. Compare the floor plan measurements and storage space with the amount of items you plan to bring to make sure that everything fits.

#6 - Downsizing is an emotional experience.

Take the time to recognize and process the many emotions you may be feeling. When going through your home you're bound to find objects and memories tied together, holding special sentimental feelings, but perhaps lacking a place in your next home.

Find a way to honor these memories through tactics like talking with loved ones or taking photos. When you get stuck, remember the goal is to equip each space in your new home with the items that will serve you best going forward.

#7 - Think of what you are gaining instead of what you are leaving

It’s impossible to move through this process without inherently comparing and contrasting what lies ahead versus what you have now, but stay focused on the positives!

While you may be selling your home, you are gaining many new opportunities and perks that the new lifestyle offers. Success rests on your mindset, so strive to make it a positive one.


How Can I Help You?

Though downsizing can be a stressful period, it’s also the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Whether you or your loved ones are looking into downsizing, CBOrganzing is here to aid and guide you through this process by using proven methods and expertise to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.

Feel free to reach out on my Contact Page and check out my social media for more examples!

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